Application laboratory for plastics
Application laboratory for plastics

Ultrasonic laboratory plastics

Here, we perform concrete evaluation of weld tasks. In the laboratory report, which is handed out to the customer, the results are explained in detail.

  • Joint design, including a CAD image of the energy director (ERG)
  • Microscope image of the welded section, dimensions of the ERG
  • Verification and validation of requirements, e.g. in terms of strength and tightness
  • Recommendations for machine configuration and integration
  • Graph of the weld process, including all weld process parameters




  • Application consulting / joint design

    • Consulting for component design
    • Support and direction for designing the weld geometry (weld joint)
    • Principle testing for feasibility
    • Consulting for material selection

    Weld process development

    • Preparation of the weld concept
    • Development and manufacturing of application-specific weld tools
    • Definition of the weld process parameters and specification of the process window

    Application optimization

    • Trials and tests in partnership with the customer
    • Optimization of weld tools 
    • Validation of the test results by tensile tests, sealing tests, burst pressure tests, high-speed camera, microscopy, thin sections, thermography
    • Performance, documentation and evaluation of test series (DOE = design of experiments)




  • Test rigs

    • Design and configuration of application-specific test rigs
    • Near-production tool layout
    • Application-specific measuring instruments


    Prototype production 


    • Quality control and component validation
    • Prototype supply of the final customer
    • Function tests, e.g. environmental change tests


    Contract manufacturing 

    • Very small series production



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  • Ultrasonic weld process made visible
    Using a high-speed camera, the weld process is made visible in slow-motion
    Plastics; application assessment
    Microscope layout in the lab for application assessment
  • Plastic weld joint
    Perfect seal Customer consulting on the basis of a digitalized microscopy image
    Lab workplace, Herrmann Ultrasonic
    Lab workplace - equal standards at headquarters and in Tech-Centers
  • joint assessment for plastic parts
    Component design and seal assessment - our expertise is required
    Material testing at the welded plastic part
    The breaking elongation of the welded component is determined by material testing
  • Double V joint before
    Double V joint before
    Double V joint after
    Double V joint after
  • tongue and groove joint before ultrasonic welding
    Tongue and groove joint before
    tongue and groove joint after ultrasonic welding
    Tongue and groove joint after
  • step joint before ultrasonic welding
    Step joint before
    step joint after ultrasonic welding
    Step joint after
  • H-IPCTouch DIALOG with graphical analysis of welding process
    H-IPCTouch DIALOG with graphical analysis of welding process
  • Graphical display of joining curves - welding of plastic part
    Graphical display of joining curves while welding a plastic part