Social responsibility

The idea behind it

As a medium-sized company, deeply rooted in Baden-Württemberg, we want to give our help to those who need it. With the "Herrmann cares" charitable initiative, Herrmann Ultraschall provides support in the surrounding region. Thanks to the proximity to the projects we can make sure that donations actually reach those in need and are efficiently utilized. The projects aim to support people who, often through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times and need a fair chance to be able to actively participate in society again on equal footing.

Project "Karlsbad Summer Camp"

Already since 2010, Herrmann Ultraschall supports the holiday programs of the community of Karlsbad by supplying the participating children with T-shirts.
Due to generous donations of many local companies, the summer camp activities could be extended year after year. 

Children of Karlsbad' schools are excited about a large selection of varied activities. No matter if tinkering, crafts work, or face painting, everybody can be creative. Also bike tours in the area or field trips to local farms make a lot of fun.

Project "Flower Power Musik Camp 2015"

This year, the Karlsbad community summer camp offered something very special, the Flower Power Musik Camp. For a whole week and under professional guidance, numerous children were rehearsing pieces for a concert.

Singing, percussion, dancing, or playing an instrument in the small orchestra – there was something for everyone. With prominent support the final concert took place on Sunday, August 9, 2015. Hot summer temperatures and the beautiful atmosphere of the monastery ruin Frauenalb provided the perfect setting for many enthusiastic listeners. Gladly Herrmann Ultraschall is one of the sponsors for regional promotion of youth activities.

Project "Christmas charity 2014"

People are social beings. Lack of social interaction may lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. For asylum-seekers, it can be very difficult to integrate since they do not know the language.

If communication is possible, prejudices can be broken down, allowing for mutual understanding and acceptance!

Therefore, the company would like to thank their business partners and employees through social commitment. In the light of current events, we will not be giving presents but will instead donate money so that refugees in Karlsbad can attend German language courses.

Moreover, church-based organizations have pointed out the lack of in-kind donations. Specifically, used bicycles needed to be provided. Many Herrmann employees were readily prepared to donate bicycles for adults and children in good condition that were no longer in use.
Thank you all very much for your involvement in this project!



Count us in!

Volunteer activities are voluntary and unpaid work or involvement provided within the framework of an association, an initiative, or a charitable institution.
Although numbers may vary from time to time, statistics show that the proportion of volunteers in Germany is higher than 30%. Most volunteers are involved in child and youth services and spend up to five hours per week volunteering.

At Herrmann Ultraschall, around one third of our employees at the Karlsbad site are involved in volunteer work. They support a number of different projects and fields of volunteer activity:

  • in socially focused organizations, such as CVJM (equiv. of YMCA)
  • in child and youth work, for example as coaches in sports associations or the DLRG (German Life Saving Association)
  • in volunteer fire services in their home towns
  • for cultural activities such as choirs or bands

Herrmann Ultraschall promotes the volunteer activities of their employees through financial support for the respective organizations and associations.

Moreover, employees who participate in volunteer fire services have been given permission by the management to leave work immediatly in case of fire service call-outs.