Ultrasonic Pioneer

The history of Herrmann Ultraschall begins with the entrepreneurial vision of Walter Herrmann, who founded the company in 1961. Over the past 50 years, his name became synonymous with technological leadership and innovations in ultrasonic welding systems.

With his pioneering inventions, especially in the area of high performance generator technology, and his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Herrmann laid a foundation for the commercial success of ultrasonic technology. He led his business to the top rank in ultrasonic plastic welding and assembly.


Collaboration in Sweden

As part of the global strategy to bring more ultrasonic services to local customers, Herrmann Ultraschall opened its 12th Tech-Center. With an ultrasonic welding laboratory at Battenfeld Sverige in Halmstad, Sweden, Scandinavian cutomers have the option to do initial feasability tests and process optimization tests locally.

New Tech-Center in Sweden
New Tech-Center in Sweden


New and faster lab calender

We upgraded our ultrasonic laboratory nonwovens with a new and faster lab calender. Production conditions with web material speeds up to 800 m/min and material widths up to 500 mm can now be simulated.

New and faster lab calender
New and faster lab calender


Granting of the inventor award

For his contribution to the exploitation and marketing of ultrasonic technology for welding of plastics, packaging and hygiene nonwovens, Walter Herrmann is honored with the CEHMS Inventor Award of the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (CEHMS).

Awarding of the CEHMS inventor award
Awarding of the CEHMS inventor award

Local engagement

With the opening of new Tech-Centers in  Hilden (BeNeLux), Istanbul (Turkey), and Katowice (Poland), we are expanding our sales and distribution network. All Tech-Centers are excellently equipped and provide the opportunity for weld tests and feasability studies.

New Tech-Center in Poland
New Tech-Center in Poland

Continuing education with system

When a politician takes over a government office, he has a grace period of 100 days before a first assessment will be made. Also with new employees much depends on the course of the first three months.
New employees at Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG can be sure that they are optimally supported in the first 100 days: The „Herrmann Akademy", founded in 2011, provides them with lots of motivation, training and further education. For this, the company again received the TOP JOB award in 2013.

TOP JOB award 2013
TOP JOB award 2013


Opening of additional Tech-Centers

We increase our local commitment. With our new Tech-Centers in Budaörs (Hungary) und Brno (Czechia) we offer you application consulting by our experts in your area.

New Tech-Center in Hungary
New Tech-Center in Hungary


CELEBRATION – ceremony to honor entrepreneurial spirit

The company celebrates its 50th anniversary with Technology Days and a special jubilee program.
First time ever, Tech-Days were held at the Karlsbad headquarters with a wide range of interactive workshops and factory tours – with very positive feedback.
At the anniversary celebration on Nov. 3,
2011, 750 guests enjoyed a multimedia performance where the highlights of history and technology of Herrmann Ultraschall were presented perfectly.

50 years Herrmann Ultraschall
50 years Herrmann Ultraschall – a good reason to celebrate

New Tech-Center in Chavanod, France

With new premises, the French Tech-Center of Herrmann Ultraschall has siginficantly increased. Customers do now not only benefit from Herrmann system solutions, but also from more possibilities for on-site weld tests and feasability studies.

New Tech-Center in Chavanod, France
New Tech-Center in Chavanod, France


HiQ – a new generation of machines

At K 2010 the new HiQ machine generation is presented to the public for the first time. With the flexible fluid-drive concept Herrmann Ultraschall is again setting standards in the field of ultrasonic welding.

New HiQ machines
HiQ – a new generation of machines

New quality label Ultra³

With the new quality label Ultra³ the performance of the new machines is emphasized: Precise. Flexible. Economical. These are attributes which indicate value for the customer and which differentiate ultrasonic welding from other joining technologies. The red label provides visual acuity and indicates that the weld application was resolved with ultrasonics from Herrmann Ultraschall.

Quality label Ultra³
Quality label Ultra³ – Precise. Flexible. Economical.



New partnerships

Since 2009, further support in sales and technical consulting is garantueed by Unimark in India and EcoSonic in Korea. The employees have been trained extensively at the Karlsbad headquarters and optimally prepared for their new responsibilities. 




New partnerships with India and Korea
New partnerships with India and Korea

ZIM innovation program 

ZIM stands for "Central Innovation Program for German SMEs" and is an initiative run by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). In 2010 Herrmann Ultraschall receives the coveted funding to develop a highly flexible fluid drive for ultrasonic tools and is then invited to the booth of the BMWi at Hannover Messe.

Hannover Messe 2010
ZIM program at Hannover Messe 2010


Commitment to Germany

In September 2007 the foundation is laid for a generous extension. Additional 4500 sqm for production and administration mean a doubling of the existing premises and provide new job opportunities. A resounding yes to the location Germany.

New building
The new building creates more jobs


The generation change

Thomas Herrmann relocates from Herrmann Ultrasonics back to Karlsbad. As CEO he now manages Herrmann Ultraschall together with Arnold Schneider; also as CEO he remains responsible for the American subsidiary Herrmann Ultrasonics.

Thomas Herrmann und Arnold Schneider (left)
T. Herrmann und A. Schneider (left)

Closer to the customer

Herrmann Ultraschall establishs the new Tech-Center North in Walsrode, Germany.
More customer support also in Mexico – Herrmann Ultrasonics opens a Tech-Center in Mexico City. Both offices are provided with the newest technology and excellently equipped application laboratories for weld tests. 

First Tech-Center in Walsrode
First Tech-Center in Walsrode, Germany

Further potential for ultrasonics: the packaging market

Herrmann Ultraschall wins along with Huhtamaki Ronsberg the German packaging award 2007 for the creative and innovative packaging concept Cyclero.

German packaging award 2007
German packaging award 2007


New company building for Herrmann Ultrasonics

With the construction of the new company building in Bartlett, the company size was doubled to about 1900 square meters; another 1400 sqm are available for expansion.

The subsidiary is very similar to the headquarters in Karlsbad, not only from the appearance. It also offers the complete scope of services with application laboratories, service, and trainings for the American market. 

Own company building in Bartlett
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. moves into own company building

The winner is …

In 2006 Herrmann Ultraschall wins the innovation prize of the technology region Karlsruhe for the new development of the rotating process for continuous bonding of nonwovens. An outstanding award for an industrial enterprise, which until then had only been awarded to institutes or individual scientists.

Certificate of the innovation prize
Innovation prize of the technology region Karlsruhe


More presence in China

With the founding of Herrmann Ultrasonics Hangzhou Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, Herrmann is able to respond better to the new market. Contacts for customers are highly trained Chinese staff who procure a sophisticated technology.

Subsidiary in China
Herrmann Ultrasonics Hangzhou Technology Co., Ltd., China


Honor to whom honor is due

On his70th birthday, company founder Walter Herrmann gets the business medal of the German state  of Baden-Württemberg, presented by the Minister for Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister.

Business medal for Walter Herrmann
Awarding of the business medal to Walter Herrmann


Herrmann goes east

After almost 12 month of preliminary work, Herrmann Ultraschall signs a pioneering joint venture agreement with XiZi to develop the Chinese market.

Joint venture with XiZi
Joint venture with XiZi – a fine step forward in China


TOP JOB – a special award

The Quality seal TOP JOB is known since 2002 for outstanding employer quality. With scientific support, personnel work of German SMEs is assessed. With this Award, Herrmann Ultraschall has been able to join the ranks of the best employers in the German SME.

TOP JOB award for employers
TOP JOB award for employers


A special award

Herrmann Ultraschall belongs to the TOP 100 among the German medium-sized businesses. An award that provides confidence! The established TOP 100 seal makes innovation visible at first glance, thus ensuring a high level of trust with customers, suppliers, applicants, and the general public.

One of the best among German medium-sized businesses
One of the best among German medium-sized businesses


Herrmann continues to grow

Investments are worthwile – not only the know-how grows, but also the international clientele and the variety of applications. Logical consequence is a  10,000 square feet Extension to provide more room for application laboratories, research, production, and management.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the extension
Groundbreaking ceremony for the extension


Digital technology meets ultrasonic generator

State of the art: The new ultrasonic generator series DYNAMIC digital control is based on digital technology, providing consistent performance independent of component aging or temperature fluctuations.

Ultrasonic Generator with digital technology
New ultrasonic generator DYNAMIC digital control


Nonwovens and ultrasonics

With the new NON-CONTACT/NON-WEAR technology, Herrmann holds a patent which allows for low-contact and wear-free laminating and embossing  of nonwoven materials. The European Disposables and Nonwovens Association recognizes the outstanding technology with the "INDEX 96" award. 

INDEX award for NON-CONTACT/NON-WEAR technology
INDEX award for NON-CONTACT/NON-WEAR technology


30 years later

The year 1991 marks an additional milestone in the continuous development of Ultrasonic Technology. At the company's 30-year anniversary, the first completely numerically controlled (CNC) Ultrasonic Welding System is introduced to the world market. Up until now the DIALOG controller is the benchmark of leading technology for ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics. 

Advanced DIALOG software in the 90s
Advanced DIALOG software in the 90s


Herrmann goes West

The necessity for a global presence was recognized early at Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik and in 1990 the US subsidiary Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. was successfully founded in the USA by Thomas Herrmann, the son of the parent company founder Walter Herrmann.

Foundation of Herrmann Ultrasonics in Schaumburg
First company building in Schaumburg near Chicago


DIALOG is possible: the first monitor

The DIALOG control for Herrmann ultrasonics welding systems is introduced to the market, the first and only controller which provides true operator-machine communication.

DIALOG is possible
DIALOG software allows for operator - machine communication


Technical quantum leap

The Herrmann Group introduces the high performance transistor generator for ultrasonic welding machines, a milestone in the continuous development of ultrasonic technology for the welding of thermoplastic parts.

High performance transistor generator
High performance transistor generator


Need for expansion

Business is getting better and the production must be expanded. The future company headquarters of the Herrmann Group is founded in the newly established industrial area of Karlsbad-Ittersbach.

Relocation to Karlsbad-Ittersbach
Relocation to Karlsbad-Ittersbach


First time ever

As the first manufacturer in the Federal Republic of Germany, Walter Herrmann succeeds to produce high performance ultrasonic generators using piezoelectric oscillation. 

Application laboratory
In the beginnings: application development in the laboratory


Company foundation

Walter Herrmann Elektronik und Maschinenbau is the name of the newly founded company.
The ambition: replacing of the interference-prone tube generators with highly efficient generators for ultrasonic welding machines.

Company foundation in 1961
Company foundation in 1961