In our ultrasonic labs our engineers and technicians provide support for assessment, design, and optimization of the respective weld tasks.

  • Consulting for joint design 
  • Pre-production prototype welding
  • Weld process parameter definition for verification of the required component properties 

Weldability of the materials is defined and the weld quality is made visible by means of the analysis options. The expertise obtained through the decades is documented in data bases and application reports and is always available upon request.

  • 塑料超声波实验室


    Feasibility test, sealing tests, high-speed camera, tensile tests, burst pressure test, microscopy, and microtome cuts. Benefit from our 50 years of experience.

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  • 包装材料


    Simulation of sealing processes, packaging material properties, tooling profiles. More than 25 years of experience and many successful market launches.

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  • 无纺材料


    Simulation of production conditions with web material speeds up to 800 m/min. More than 100 different test anvil drums for test welds available.

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