• 联系

    星期 一 到星期五, 8:30 to 17:00.




    电话: +86 512 5320 1286

    E-mail: info@herrmannultrasonic.cn



  • 服务 & 紧急援助

    Immediate support

    Service technicians travel the world for our customers to avoid unnecessary down time in their production. Quick processing for returned goods or spare parts deliveries.

  • 服务和维护,

    Spare parts & repair

    Specific ULTRACARE spare parts packages are available for all ultrasonic machines, systems, and modules at particularly favorable conditions.

  • 服务 & 备件

    Service packages

    Ask for our service and maintenance agreements. We provide additional safety due to our 24-hour hotline, yearly machine checks, machine calibration, or software updates.